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Local Organic Hemp Flower

eccotherapy won people's choice runner up for their suver haze hemp cbd flower. the contest was held by flower cup city located in rochester ny.

"People’s Choice Runner Up - Suver Haze 

by @twinarchfarm @eccotherapy 

Total Score 897/1200"

2021 Flower City Harvest Cup


Tom and Heather Walsh bought Twin Arch Farm and began raising organic turkeys, dairy and beef cattle. The family-owned farm, located in a small farming community in New York's beautiful Hudson Valley (50 miles north of New York City) is home to the couple and their seven children.

After receiving a license to grow hemp, they grew three strains of hemp on just over 3 acres their first year and almost 6 acres their second year. With outdoor and indoor facilities, including a 250 ft. long historic barn, they are able to plant, harvest, dry and trim all of their plants by hand and on-site. They are very passionate about giving their customers the highest quality possible.

Using 100% organic practices, all products are carefully hand-curated and responsibly farmed. 

the twin arch farm family during harvest season. hemp cbd.

Our Organic Hemp Products

All products from Twin Arch Farm are third party tested and contain less than the federally allowable level of 0.3% Delta-9 THC.

At Twin Arch Farm, we know that hemp products of genuine quality require a grower to be out in the fields every day. We use 100% natural pesticides on our fields. Our pesticides are ladybugs and praying mantises. We know the care and attention we give to our products makes a difference and we're confident that you will agree.